High Frequency Focused Ultrasound

High Frequency Focused Ultrasound

Helping people by use of high frequency HIFU.

TOOsonix is a Danish medical device company committed to health innovation in the field of dermatology that has the potential to improve the lives of patients. 

We are an organization of highly dedicated experts in high intensity focused ultrasound and product development. We are funded and guided by one of the most successful business investors in Denmark.

Our patented high frequency HIFU technology delivers highly accurate and non-invasive ultrasound energy to target areas within in the human skin, thus destroying the targeted tissue, while surrounding tissue –  above, below and around – remains completely unharmed.

Whether you are looking for a highly versatile system to boost your dermatology clinic results, or doing research in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, TOOsonix offers a system that is ready for use, and can be delivered within the CE-regulated region.

TOOsonix products and technology are patent protected:

US11494351B2; US11679283B2; EP3589367B1, CN109890463B. Other patents pending.

ISO 13485:2016 certified since 2018

How it works

See a short video of a HIFU treatment in the clinic here

Meet the experts

Meet some of the leading M.D.s using our HIFU devices here

Before and After

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