How it works

How it works

We have made a short 5-minute “working demo” video with Professor Joergen Serup from Bispebjerg University Hospital, Copenhagen to illustrate a typical treatment with our device.

This video presents a FULL treatment of two diagnosed Basal Cell Carcinoma tumors* in the scalp-area of a female patient.

The total combined treatment time is less than 3 minutes. This compares to the approximately 5 hours needed for standard Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), where patients experience very high pain-levels during a treatment that only offers very moderate efficacy.

Similarly, comparing the treatment to X-ray radiotherapy, the TOOsonix treatment is also very gentle. There are no harmful radiation associated with the device, and long-term effects from this are therefore non-existent. Likewise, the well-known radiation side-effects of hair-loss and skin de-pigmentation are minimal with HIFU.

*Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma is not included in the Instruction for Use for System ONE-M or System ONE-R. The presented treatment is performed under an exeprimental protocol. 

How it works

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