Meet the experts

Meet the experts

In TOOsonix we believe in working with the best experts to get the best results.

We have selected a small number of key dermatologists and derma-oncologist to be the first to test our System ONE-M. Each have particular specialties and customer-bases where the new HIFU technology offers potential advantages over (or complements) existing methods used in the clinic.

Read about these leading Centers of Excellence and medical experts within the new and exiting field of Dermatology HIFU below.  

 Joergen Serup, Professor, M.D. 

Chief Physician at Dept. of Dermatology, 

Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Read more here.

Jacek Calik, M.D, Ph.D, Oncologist 

The Oncology Clinic, Old Town Clinic,

Wroclaw, Poland.

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How it works

See a short video of a HIFU treatment in the clinic here

Meet the experts

Meet some of the leading M.D.s using our HIFU devices here

Before and After

See  examples of the results of our HIFU treatments here