TOOsonix is the first company to bring the exiting HIFU capabilities to the field of dermatology on a commercial scale. The unique image-guided treatment allows doctors and physicians to precisely target specific areas and conditions on the skin, thus destroying the targeted tissue while surrounding tissue –  above, below and around – remains completely unharmed.

We offer systems based on this technology in a medical version indicated for human aesthetic conditions, and in a research version, which facilitates fundamental non-human laboratory research into new and existing fields for HIFU.

TOOsonix products and technology are patent protected:

US11494351B2; US11679283B2; EP3589367B1, CN109890463B. Other patents pending.

Medical device for human cosmethology and
dermatology treatments
Laboratory device for non-human  HIFU research 

How it works

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Meet the experts

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Before and After

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