We have compiled a range of documents with the answers to the most common question about HIFU and the technology around our products. Please click on the link to open a separate pdf document with the answer. If you have other questions or comments to these documents, please let us know, so we can add, correct or amend these documents as soon as possible.
Question Document
What is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)? Open pdf
What is the difference between normal HIFU and TOOsonix’s high frequency HIFU? Open pdf
Where can high Frequency HIFU be used? Open pdf
Where and how do the TOOsonix handpieces produce the focal point? Open pdf
How can I treat a larger area with the TOOsonix systems? Open pdf
How can I calculate the size and shape of the focal zone? Open pdf
What is the size of the treatment points made with TOOsonix devices? Open pdf
How deep can I specify the position of the treatment points inside a tissue to be? Open pdf
What is the attenuation of the signal from TOOsonix HIFU handpieces? Open pdf
How does power, energy and shot duration relate to each other? Open pdf
Why is there an energy limit on the handpieces from TOOsonix? Open pdf
How can I make a Tissue Mimicking Phantom Gel for HIFU experiments? Open pdf
Where are the TOOsonix Systems designed and manufactured? Open pdf
What is included with a standard TOOsonix system? Open pdf
How can I order a system from TOOsonix? Open pdf
How can I find TOOsonix and its preferred hotel? Open pdf

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